Safety Rules! President Ted Finlayson-Schueler has had extensive
experience in consulting projects both small and large – see
curriculum vitae in About Us.  Ted also is connected to other experts in
the field who of school travel who can bring additional expertise to
Safety Rules! Projects.  When an organization looks outside to find
assistance on a project, it usually means that a lot is at stake.  
Something has to be designed, evaluated, interpreted, or
 to allow the organization to move to its next desired

Whatever the project, Safety Rules! will bring the necessary expertise
to not only complete the project, but to ensure that the final product
works in the real world, not just on paper.  The following are a few
examples of specific consultation projects.


Safety, Efficiency, and Compliance Reviews

Whatever the issue; bus stop location or safety, ride time, bell times,
policy and procedures, or legal compliance at the state and federal
level, an outside perspective can provide expertise and clarity to issues
that have been raised internally but have not been resolved.  Call
Safety Rules! to provide an objective review of the situation and offer
recommendations in line with legal requirements and national best

Relative Risks of Modifying Transportation Eligibility

School Boards pay close attention to the potential of dollar savings for
reduction in school bus service, while often failing to also calculate the
outcome in terms of student safety.   Changes in transportation
modes, between school bus or cars or walking, have quantifiable
outcomes in terms of risk, and school boards should not implement
changes without understanding the risks