Staff Training
School Bus Driver Handbooks and manuals from
various states.  
New Hampshire Minnesota Vermont
 Alberta  North Carolina  Minnesota   Idaho   

Behind the Wheel Manuals  Idaho

Evacuation Training  South Carolina  

Physical Performance Test Guidelines  South Carolina  
Indiana  New York

Pretrip Forms  Alberta   

North Carolina
Crossing Guard Instructional Manual

Bullying materials designed for parents, but could be
adapted for drivers and attendants, from Deprtment of
Health and Human Services

Mental Health Materials that can be ordered for free from
Department of Health and Humans Services - disabilities,
mental health, bullying - lots of stuff

Walk the Walk How important is student transportation?

NHTSA Driver Training Series covers many topics.  Can also
be ordered in hard copy from NHTSA's publications site.

Security Training program designed by the New Mexico
Department of education.  
Course Outline  Instructor Guide  
Participant Guide  PowerPoint File

Emissions Impact  California Air Resources Board video
on the effect of emissions on children's' health 43 meg
download or they will mail you a copy.
Safety Rules!
School Travel by bus, car, bike, or foot
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