Reports (Scroll down for NTSB)
Relative Risk  The Transportation Research Board Committee on
School Transportation authored this book that examines the relative
risk of different school travel modes.  Committee member,
Ted Finlayson-Schueler.

Safety Culture Report  AAA Foundation compendium of articles on the
issue of safety culture in the United States.

Sexual Harassment in schools and on buses perpetrated by students
and by staff to students is a disturbing phenomenon.  AAUW study
Hostile Hallways and Harassment Study Compilation offer key

School Bus Blues  Maryland Report on how school siting away from
population centers has increased transportation mileage.

Wheelchair Transportation  This project examines the risk of
transporting wheelchairs in motor vehicles, relevant standards, and
safety research.

Coordinated Transportation  Building a Community Bus.  Washington
State DOT  Primary author,
Safety Rules!'s Ted Finlayson-Schueler.

School Bus and Public Transportation Services in
Non-urban Communities  Implementation Guide

The educational  impact of long bus rides on
Rural Transportation

NHTSA School Bus Safety: Crashworthiness Research  2002 Report
provides details from NHTSA's crash testing of school buses with
compartmentalization, lap belts and lap-shoulder belts.  The report
and videos of crash tests are all downloadable from this page.

Loading Zone Fatality Study  This 32 year study of loading zone
fatalities is maintained by the Kansas State Department of Education

Stop Arm Violation Studies  Florida study by the Center for Urban
Transportation Research.  Stop arm violations A Cooperative Program
to Reduce Incidents of Vehicles Passing Stopped School Buses in a
Coastal Region of
North Carolina    

Stop Arm Violation Reporting Form  New York  North Carolina    

Special Needs Survey  Survey of special needs transportation in North
Carolina.  Primary author,
Safety Rules!'s Ted Finlayson-Schueler.

Special Needs Costs  Multiple reports identifying costs associated
with transportation and education of children with disabilities.

School Traffic Calming  Saratoga City, California's report identifying
strategies for traffic calming at school facilities.  A community-wide

Safe Routes to School  This is the home page for this project that
looks at getting to school safely walking or by bike.  The navigation bar
for this page is in the upper right hand portion of the page.

Best practice during
Tornadoes for bus passengers.

Yellow Bus Study in
United Kingdom.


NTSB The recommendations of reports conducted by the National
Transportation Safety Board drive best practice in the field of
transportation.  The initial link goes to all transportation reports, links
to individual reports follow below.

NTSB Chairman Jim Hall 1998 address to NAPT 1998 on
seat belts.


Driver Education Forum  See especially comments by David Huff, past
director of pupil transportation in Montana on page 94.


15-Passenger Vans Evaluation of the Rollover Propensity of
15-Passenger Vans

Non-School Bus Highway Special Investigation Report Pupil
Transportation In Vehicles Not Meeting Federal School bus Standards

Motorcoach Selective Motorcoach Issues  Animations

Transit Bus Highway Special Investigation Report Transit Bus Safety

Memphis 15-Passenger Child Care Van Run-Off-Road Accident
Memphis, Tennessee, April 4, 2002

Henrietta/Randleman 15-Passenger Van Single-Vehicle Rollover,
Henrietta, Texas, May 8, 2001 and Randleman, North Carolina, July 1,

New Orleans Motorcoach Run-Off-The-Road, New Orleans, Louisiana
May 9, 1999  

Route 475 Motorcoach Loss of Control and Overturn, New Mexico
State Route 475, March 2, 1999

Loraine Highway Accident Report: Collision of a Greyhound Lines,
Inc., Motorcoach And Delcar Trucking Truck Tractor-Semitrailer,
Loraine, Texas, June 9, 2002

Canon City Motorcoach run-off-the-road, near Canon City, Colorado  

Pleasant View Single-Vehicle Motorcoach Rollover, Interstate Highway
24 Near Pleasant View Tennessee, August 19, 2001

Burnt Cabins Greyhound Motorcoach Run-Off-The-Road Accident,
Burnt Cabins, Pennsylvania June 20, 1998  

Donegal/Caroline Greyhound Bus Run-off-the-Road Accidents
Donegal, Pennsylvania June 26,1991 and Caroline, New York, August
3, 1991

Nashville Greyhound Lines, Inc., Intercity Bus Loss of Control and
Overturn Interstate Highway 65 Nashville, Tennessee November

Normandy  Normandy, Missouri Transit Bus Collision with
Pedestrians June 11, 1997

Vernon Charter Bus Loss Of Control Overturn and Fire, Vernon, New
Jersey, July 26, 1992

Middletown  Academy lines, Inc., Intercity Bus Run-off-Roadway and
Overturn Middletown, New Jersey, September 6, 1987.

Beaumont Tractor-Semitrailer/Intercity Bus Head-On Collision,
Interstate 10 Beaumont, Texas May 4, 1987

Cosmopolis Cosmopolis, Washington Collision with a Student
Pedestrian by a Utility Truck after Disembarking Transit Bus
November 26, 1996

Joliet Highway Accident Brief: 15-Passenger Van Median Crossover
and Impact with Truck, Joliet, Illinois, January 26, 2001


Small School Bus Crashworthiness of Small Poststandard School

Bus Crashworthiness Issues  Review of School Bus and Motorcoach

Arlington, VA Frontal and sideswipe collision between a school bus
and a trash truck.  April 18, 2005

Omaha School Bus Run-Off-Bridge Accident Omaha, Nebraska,
October 13, 2001

Mountainburg Highway Accident Report: Collision Between
Truck-Tractor Semitrailer and School Bus near Mountainburg,
Arkansas, May 31, 2001  

Chappell Hill Collision With School Bus, Chappell Hill, Texas, April 7,

Lancaster Sideswipe Collision With School Bus, Lancaster, Ohio,
November 3, 1997

Franklin Loss of Control on Downgrade and Collision of Load With
School Bus, Franklin, North Carolina, October 16, 1997

Herndon School Bus Run-off-the-road and Rollover near Herndon,
Kentucky, November 30, 2000

Ganado School Bus Run-off-the-road and Rollover near Ganado,
Arizona, November 3, 2000

Conasuaga Collision of CSX Freight Train and Murray County School
District School Bus at Railroad/Highway Grade Crossing,
Conasauga, Tennessee, March 28, 2000  

Central Bridge School Bus and Dump Truck Collision Central Bridge,
New York October 21, 1999  

Fox River Highway/Railroad Accident Report Collision of Northeast
(METRA) Train and Transportation Joint Agreement School District
47/155 School Bus at Railroad/ Highway Grade Crossing in Fox River
Grove, Illinois

Palm Springs Mayflower Contract Services, Inc., Tour Bus Plunge
from Tramway Road and Overturn Crash, Palm Springs, California
July 31, 1991

Alton Collision between Mission Consolidated Independent School
District School Bus and Valley Coca-Cola bottling Company, Inc.
Tractor-Semi Trailer Intersection of Bryan Road and Texas
Farm-To-Market Road 676 Alton, TX, September 21, 1989

Bronson Collision of Levy County, Florida School Bus and Airdrome
Tire Centers, Inc., Truck Near Bronson, Florida August 28, 1987

Carrollton Pickup Truck/Church Activity Bus Head-on Collision and
Fire Near Carrollton, Kentucky May 14, 1988

St. Louis County Schoolbus-Loss of Control and Collision With Guard
Rail and Sign Pillar, U.S. Highway 70 near Lucas and Hunt Road St.
Louis County, Missouri November 11, 1985
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