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School Bus Accident Critical Analysis is an Accident Report writing
template developed by
Safety Rules! using on an Excel spreadsheet
file.  Please feel free to download and use this template and let us
know how it worked for you!

Guideline 17  Guideline 17 started out as a standard published by the
recently created National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the
early 1970's.  It has since become a "guideline", but it still directs
states and school bus operations in establishing safety standards for
their operations.

New York State
Child Safety Zone Guidelines.  This regulation
quantifies walking hazards for children in order to qualify them for bus
transportation.  The law and regulation links are at the bottom of the

Getting to School Safely  This NHTSA site has links and documents
addressing the safety of all modes of transportation used for school
travel.  The Federal Highway Adminstration's
Safe Routes to School
Program provides resources to communities to make all children's
trip to school safer.

"Increasing School Stability for
Students Experiencing
Homelessness: Overcoming Challenges to Providing Transportation
to the School of Origin"  from the National Center for Homeless

Walkability Checklist from the Partnership for a Walkable America

Ontario School Bus Safety Resource Guide

Operation Lifesaver  has been working to protect highway rail grade
crossings (
railroad crossings) since 1972.  They have special
materials for school bus safety and you can become a certified
instructor to teach their programs.

Head Start Transportation FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Illegal Bus Passing Best Practices Guide from NHTSA for preventing
illegal passing of school buses during loading and unloading.

NCST The Specifications and Procedures for School Bus Operations
is developed by the National Congress on School Transportation that
meets every year at Central Missouri State University to establish best
practice in the design of school buses and in the operation of school
bus fleets.  The 2000 document may be ordered from this site.

New York State Education Department District Safety Review.  This
document id New York State specific document, but is an excellent
guide to evaluate the safety of your operation.  
Safety Rules! Ted
Finlayson-Schueler, co-author.

Illinois  Missouri  Idaho  Manuals of Operations for School
.  State specific, but good overviews of pupil
transportation management issues.

School Bus Driveway Evaluation Checklist from California

Ontario School Bus Safety Resource Guide has information for all
participants in the school transportation environment.

New Zealand  England Many countries have used "walking school
- that is a group of children walked to school by a responsible
adult along an approved "route".

New Hampshire   Oklahoma These state forms are useful for school
bus stop safety

Safe Routes and Stops  This document was developed by NASDPTS
for NHTSA and identifies hazards to school transportation.

Routes and Stops Australia Guide for the Road Safety management
of Rural School Bus Routes and Bus Stops.  Get the view from down

Routing Analysis A Methodology for Evaluating of School Bus
Routing - A Case Study of Riverdale, New Jersey.  Very technical
evaluation of computer algorithms.

Transportation Accreditation New Mexico school transportation
operation evaluation guide.

School District Parent/Student materials

State requirements for
school bus routes and stops. Alaska   South

Busing provided because of
hazard. New Mexico   

Motorcoach use guidelines  North Carolina  US Army  United
Motorcoach Association   US DOT  South Carolina  New York  
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