FMCSA  Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration are the folks who
oversee the CDL, drug and alcohol testing, driver and carrier
compliance.  Many of their activities were formally under federal

FTA Federal Transit Administration is the entity that oversees all transit
- public transportation in the United States.  Since many school
children rife transit, these are important folks to know about.

NHTSA (acronym prounounce nit-sa) The National Highway Traffic
Safety Administration oversees all vehicle construction and highway
safety functions.  They run the car seat technician program, vehicle
construction standards, and driver, bike, and pedestrian safety issues.  
Their "publications" section has many traffic safety items that may be
ordered at no cost - school bus, car seat, pedestrian safety and more.  
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NTSB The National Transportation Safety Board is an autonomous
government-funded agency that responds to serious transportation
incidents across the country.  They are even invited to come to other
countries on occasion to investigate crashes.  In addition to accident
investigations, they also do studies of identified safety concerns.  All
their recent studies and reports can be downloaded.

TRB  Transportation Resarch Board's primary focus is on transit, but
two seminal documents on school bus safety have been conducted by
the board and it has a new stronger interest in school bus issues.


NAPT The National Association for Pupil Transportation is the largest
national transportation encompassing many members participating in
other, more specific interest groups.  Holds annual conference.

NSTA  (acronym pronounced nis-ta) The National School
Transportation Association is the national association representing
school bus contractor issues.  Holds annual conference.  International
Safety Competition held in conjuction with annual conference.

NASDPTS  (acronym pronounced nas-dips) The National Association
for State Directors of Pupil Transportation includes the state directors
of pupil transportation, which are generally the highest ranking
government employee involved in pupil transportation.  The
association also includes a Supplier Council, which consists of a large
number of school bus manufacturers and suppliers of products and
services to the pupil transportation industry.  Holds annual conference.

PTSI  (acronym pronounced pit-see) The Pupil Transportation Safety
Institute is a nonprofit school bus safety organization.  Resources may
be purchased from the largest school transportation resource catalog

SBIC The School Transportation Information Council is a joint effort of
transportation associations to provide information to the media and
public about school bus transportation.

NCSBS The National Coalition for School Bus Safety began many
years ago as a single issue school bus safety organization promoting
seat belts on school buses.  The organization now advocates for a
wide range of school bus safety issues.

National Conference and Exhibition on Transporting Children with
Disabilitiesand Preschoolers  Conference held annually for
transporters and PT/OT's involved in helping children in transportation.  
National Special Needs Team Safety Roadeo is held in
conjunction with this conference.


APTA (prounced as spelled ap-ta) The American Public Transportation
Association represents transit operations around the country with an
emphasis on large urban systems.

CTAA The Community Transportation Association of America
represents smaller non-urban transit operators including senior
transportation, rural transit, and para-transit operations.

American Bus Association and United Motorcoach Association joint
web site.

AAA The American Automobile Association Foundation produces many
resources (most very inexpensive or free - check with your local chapter
too) on walking, biking, buses, and automobiles.

NSC The National Safety Council represents safety issues in many
arenas, including transportation.  Especially interesting are the school
bus fact sheets designed by the School Bus Section of the
Transportation Division.
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Walking and Biking Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center
provides resources in this area that is often overlooked in relation to
buses and cars.


Safe Ride News Safe Ride News is a publication with roots in NHTSA,
but is now operated independently.  A subscription newsletter with the
best source of child safety restraint information, including occasional
pieces on car seats and school buses.

School Bus Fleet School Bus Fleet is the oldest school transportation
publication, dating to around 1970.  This free publication includes
indepth articles of timely issues.  Also their website offers some
school transportation information for free and some needs access
through a small paid subscription.  Sign up for their weekly e-news.

STN School Transportation News is a free monthly school
transportation magazines.  Articles and comments by experts in the
field fill the pages.  The web site has the most complete catalog of
links I've seen.  
Links There is also considerable information on the
website about school transportation and Head Start transportation.  
Holds annual conference.
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