Transportation of Students
with Disabilities        
School Bus Travel Training  This document is a white paper
examining the possibilities of using the school bus as a
place to teach travel training skills.  Written with the support
of a graduate fellowship from Easter Seals Project Action

Wheelchair Transportation  Occupational Therapist on
safely transporting wheelchairs.

United We Ride coordinates US federal mobility issues.   
Links to other federal agencies

Disabled Peoples' International is a network of national
organizations or assemblies of disabled people

Operations Guidance  
White Buffalo Press has many online
resources as well as manuals and training opportunities

Rehabilitation Engineering
Research Center on Wheelchair
Transportation Safety

Accessible Transportation  This extensive array of
resources covers transportation of individuals in
wheelchairs in all travel modes.

Disability Museum  History of persons with disabiulities and
institutions that have served them.

Costs  What does it cost to transport children with special

Driver Training  NHTSA  

Parent Brochures  Fairfax County  Corpus Christi

Travel Training Preparing students with disabilities for using
other transportation services after their school years. Also
Easter Seals for Travel Training Curricula.

Riley Hospital for Children Special Needs Transportation
Information and training

Special Needs Transportation Manuals or Guidleines  
North Carolina  Nova Scotia  British Columbia  Illinois  
Durham County, NC  Minnesota  California   Idaho  

American Academy of Pediatrics  Transporting Children with
Special Health Care Needs

Preschool Transportation Guidelines  Florida  NHTSA   
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